Baseball dad/NIKE sales rep offers shoe deal to 10 year old to join travel team

SANTA BARBARA, CA—While the NBA free agent market is the focus on ESPN, the travel baseball free agent market is reaching unprecedented competitiveness. With tryouts for the 2019-2020 season just around the corner, teams of all ages are finding creative ways to stack their rosters. Usually, kids are offered more play time, lower fees, and a date with the coach’s teenage daughter. For one youth baseball prodigy, a shoe deal with NIKE might be what draws him to the Carpinteria Select Elite 11U club.

Vanderbilt pitching coach attributes pitching staff's success to yelling "Throw more strikes!" over and over

OMAHA, NE—The Vanderbilt baseball team won the College World Series for the second time this week, and the most obvious factor to the team’s success has been its pitching. Although they have a state-of-the-art training facility, utilize cutting edge video technology, and employ an intense throwing program, pitching coach Scott Brown attributes the Commodores’ success on the mound to his even more revolutionary in-game coaching style.

12 YO Who Only Throws Once Per Week Injures Arm Due to Overuse

DETROIT, MI—A local 12-year-old pitcher injured his arm this past week after his travel ball coach failed to keep him at a reasonable pitch count for the third weekend in a row. Known by his parents as the best pitcher from the Detroit area in four years, Andrew Keenan will have to sit out the next two weeks after a 45 pitch outing.

Baltimore Orioles to Offer Manager Position to Undefeated 10U Travel Ball Coach

BALTIMORE, MD—Desperate to start winning ASAP and change the culture of the franchise, the Orioles are looking to offer the MLB manager position to Byron Wilson, 10U travel baseball coach who has only lost three games since he began his illustrious coaching career, and is currently undefeated in 2019. The early season slump has launched the Orioles’ front office into panic mode, causing them to seriously consider making this unprecedented decision.

2U Travel Baseball Team to Hold Tryouts in Michigan

CANTON, MI--In an effort to boost quality of play in Michigan baseball, a local travel baseball powerhouse has decided to expand its organization into the toddler age group. Boys and girls, ages 2 and under, are invited to tryout for this year-round tournament-only travel team later this month.

Interview: Baseball Dad Talks About Passion for Coaching Son From the Stands

SEATTLE, WA--In anticipation for the upcoming baseball season, we decided to interview Jeff Rice, baseball dad of a 12U all-star, about what he is looking forward to most this season. Jeff has coached his son’s teams to three straight league championships and his all-star teams to two straight district championships, all without stepping foot on a baseball field. We were ecstatic when he agreed to the interview.

Demarini to Release New Bat That Instantly Fixes Swing Mechanics, Sources Say

HILLSBORO, OR--Hitting coaches might be at risk of losing their jobs following the leak of groundbreaking information from the Demarini headquarters this past Monday. An anonymous source has revealed plans for the company to release a new bat that will totally fix all the mechanical flaws in any batter’s swing. Although parents and players have believed that expensive, sleekly designed bats have always been able to do this, our source has indicated that this time it’s for real.

Travel Ball Coaches Offer Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals for Starting Positions, No Hard Work Required

DALLAS, TX--We all know that earning a starting position on a competitive travel team can be extremely difficult, requiring several hours of training per week. For those not willing to instill good work ethic in their kids, all travel ball coaches throughout the Dallas-Fortworth area are offering some sweet deals on starting positions that won’t cost you any uncomfortable good parenting or your kid any character building hard work! So, if you know your kid is as talented as a bag of dirt and/or lazier than a well fed cat and you don’t want to do anything about that, these deals might be just what you’re looking for:

Private Baseball Coach Converts Fortnite Dances Into Drills So His Athletes Will Start Doing Them On Their Own

FRESNO, CA--A private baseball coach in Fresno is reaping the fruit of creativity as he’s found a new way to engage his young athletes. Fernando Ayala noticed that even though his kids couldn’t grasp even the simplest of hitting drills, they (even the white ones) could bust out Fortnite dance moves with ease. “I didn’t understand it. Some of those dances are way more complex than the drills I’m teaching them. It just doesn’t make sense,” explained Ayala.